Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work is the new name for Google’s premium offering of email and online collaboration tools. This comprises of a premium Gmail account you can connect with your own email / premium domain name, premium Google Drive account with more storage and access to the Apps marketplace full of different cloud based solutions for productivity and collaborating with co-workers, friends or clients.

If you are like me and love Gmail but want to use a professional domain name then you have two options, option 1 is to setup a forwarder email address pointing to a free Gmail account and then configure it so you can send as that address also however this is a bit glitchy, temperamental, insecure and can result in delayed emails then option 2 is to sign up for a Google Apps for Work account and benefit from everything working perfectly and having more capacity plus access to lots of third party apps. Some of my favourite cloud apps are access to Mailchimp, Mindmeister for creating mindmaps in the cloud and connecting up my Insightly account to my Gmail interface allowing me to quickly create projects and tasks from emails and contacts.

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