Slack is marketed as team communication for the 21st century and it is exactly that! In a modern day business whether predominantly online or offline where the internet still plays a part, companies and individuals have to deal with leads and team communication through multiple channels including but not limited to email, phone, live chat, instant messenger, twitter, Facebook and more. This creates a very fragmented infrastructure and prevents growth due to poor organization and lack of communication protocols, unfortunately this is the age we live in and this issue is unavoidable.

So how do you tackle it? Well check out Slack for yourself and you will quickly see. You create a Slack channel for a particular purpose, project or company and then you syndicate your various communication channels using either Slacks own integrations or by connecting to IFTTT or Zapier and opening up pretty much every online service API known to man or at least worth caring about. In doing so you can pull all communications across different platforms into a single feed, including social media mentions, rss feeds and a lot more.

Slack is initially a free service operating the freemium model which as you all know the “mium” being latin for “not really” however for what it does it is certainly a SaaS (Software as a Service) that is worth considering if you communicate and collaborate with a team or if you just want to keep tabs on all online activity in a single place, aggregating what is important so you can keep your ear close to the proverbial ground.

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