WordPress is the most accessible, flexible, search engine friendly and just down right magical piece of web software ever created and we use it to run all of our websites and advise all colleagues, clients and friends do the same. It provides a very simple user experience for both the administrator of the website and the visitor. It is powerful and can be expanded to suit pretty much any requirement possible. That said it doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Due to the sheer number of themes, plugins, options, advice, influencers, tutorials and so on it has become a maze of information followed by misinformation, people experimenting and generally creating a mess. For that reason we started Mazepress to help others benefit from our years of experience working with WordPress.

Often people confuse WordPress websites hosted on wordpress.com which look something like mywebsite.wordpress.com and self hosted wordpress which can be downloaded from wordpress.org and then uploaded to your own paid server with your domain name attached. Now there is a third option as many people bring up. You can also use your own domain to mask a wordpress.com site however you really lack the flexibility with this approach and are bound to the server rules and restrictions laid out by WordPress. By self hosting on a good host you own your website, content and can customize it 100%. The only real way to operate professionally online is to take the self hosted route.

Note: More often than not you don’t even need to download WordPress yourself anymore. If you choose a good hosting solution like one of the three we recommend then you can simply purchase your domain name, point it to your hosting account and use the hosting accounts CPanel to auto install WordPress for you. Easy huh!

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