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A Little Background...

David Alexander / MazePress - Learn How to Start a Blog with WordPressHello, my name is David, and this is my educational blog Mazepress, where I share articles and ideas about WordPress, blogging, building niche websites, affiliate marketing, and content creation.

I also occasionally look at other opportunities to make money online like print on demand merchandise and eCommerce.

I have been helping small businesses and individuals with digital transformation and web design for over a decade.

This has involved planning, designing, developing and optimizing websites, social media marketing, SEO & other digital marketing strategies like outreach.

Over the years I have made thousands of valuable mistakes and the guides on this website will help you learn from them with me.

I have tried and tested hundreds of different marketing techniques, niches, website tools, funnels, WordPress plugins and just about every other component you can imagine.

I have built this website as a platform to help others and share research from our work and experiments with the worlds most adopted CMS.

On Mazepress you will learn how to take your business to the next level and find out how you can generate more sales than ever before! I will also share internet new trends and ways to make money online in 2020.

Learn everything about building a website or blog, list building, email marketing, social media, and SEO.

This website is for online business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, content creators and anyone who is using technology to enhance their business and creativity.

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I share articles to help you with BloggingAffiliate MarketingProductivityDigital MarketingMaking Money Online and Growth Hacking.

Ultimate Guides

How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Explained
A Beginners Guide

Best SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools to Use in 2020


Best Social Media Management Tools


Website Project Plan

How to Create a Website Project Plan for Your New Website

Local SEO Rankings Data

How to Get Unbiased Local SEO Rankings & Data

Content Calendar Template

Improve Your Content Strategy with a Content Calendar Template


Visual Link Building Without Infographics

Resources & Tools

With so many different tools and services available online to seemingly solve the same problem it can be hard to work out what to use.

Here are our trusted tools we use for our own website and all of our clients.

Website Resources

The website tools I use.


Tools to improve your writing.


Tools for selling your own products or affiliates.


Tools to make you a better marketer.


Create & Design apps.


Best places for online learning.


Save time and get more done.


Video is the future of internet consumption.


Books I recommend.

“Thank you for all of your help. Mazepress helped me rebuild my website and eCommerce store and now it works and generates more sales than ever before”