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A Little Background...

Blog about Marketing, Websites and How to Make Money OnlineHello, my name is David and I write articles on Mazepress to share my internet marketing know-how and experiments with online niche and authority websites and different ways of making money online.

I have been helping SMEs and individuals to better utilize technology and the internet in their marketing for over a decade.

This has involved planning, designing, developing and optimizing websites, social media marketing, SEO & other forms of digital marketing and growth hacking.

Oh and not to mention making thousands of valuable mistakes over the years.

I have specialized in helping WordPress based businesses for nearly a decade and have built this website as a platform to help others and share research from our work and experiments.

Our battle-tested recipe for website and internet business success is designed to save you stress, headaches, and guesswork and offer more clarity on what you should and more importantly, shouldn't be doing.

On Mazepress you will learn how to take your business to the next level online and learn how you can generate more sales than ever before and learn about interesting new internet trends and ways to make money online in 2018.

Learn everything from building a website and blog, list building, email marketing, social media, SEO and more.

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What's Inside?

Want to get an idea of what Mazepress is all about and what you can expect to learn by subscribing and reading through our content?

  • Make Money Online

    Learn interesting and new ways to make money online in 2018.

  • Automate Processes

    Discover how you can automate a large number of your daily tasks

  • Experiments & Case Studies

    Avoid trial and error and learn from the failures of others.

  • Productivity Tools

    Leverage the power of the best productivity tools online.

  • Design that Converts

    Learn how to create landing pages & other marketing materials that convert. 

  • Marketing Automation

    Become acquainted with marketing automation tools.

  • WordPress Optimization

    Learn how to optimize your WordPress website for search engines.

  • Content & Copywriting

    Learn how to create content that engages, ranks and converts.

  • Inbound & SEO

    Learn the skills to improve your inbound marketing & search engine optimization. 

Resources & Tools

With so many different tools and services available online to seemingly solve the same problem it can be hard to work out what to use.

Here are our trusted tools we use for our own website and all of our clients.


The website tools I use.


Tools to improve your writing.



Tools to make you a better marketer.


Create & Design apps.


Best places for online learning.


Save time and get more done.


Video is the future!


Books I recommend.

“Thank you for all of your help. Mazepress helped me rebuild my website and eCommerce store and now it works and generates more sales than ever before”

- James