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By David

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Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways to absorb content and learn something new online because let’s face it, it’s a lot easier listening to something than watching when you are trying to do other things like work, drive somewhere, or working out.

This “double dipping” activity of doing your regular thing whilst also absorbing marketing tips is a real growth hack and a great way to fill idle time where your mind is wandering!

There’s an abundance of podcasts covering all aspects of business, marketing, social media, eCommerce and growth hacking but I wanted to share some of the best examples that I have been listening to both during work and in my downtime to help me in my business and to ensure I stay informed.

These days one of the best ways you can stay on the cutting edge of marketing is to increase your podcast diet.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss epitomises the growth hacker and with a strong reputation and best-selling books under his belt, his advice is worth listening to. His podcasts feature interviews with some fascinating people as he digs into what makes the Titans tick while sharing actionable tips and advice for every modern businessman. I remember reading the 4-Hour Workweek and being instantly hooked by his candid approach. The podcast has been on regular rotation ever since and this one is still right up at the top of the list.

Visit The Tim Ferriss Podcast

Social Media Marketing Podcast & Social Media Examiner Show (both by SME)

This is kind of a two for one and features two podcasts produced by the guys at SocialMediaExaminer. The first is their SocialMediaExaminer Show which ran up until August 2016 but still features lots of useful short form episodes worth going back through.

The second is their ongoing Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner which features more long-form episodes focussing on helping people navigate the social media jungle with tips, interviews and case studies.

Social Media Examiner has a long reputation of reporting the very latest news on the realm of social media and their website features lots of great tutorials. This is one of the websites we also recommend for any modern marketers as a “must subscribe”.

Visit Social Media Marketing Podcast

Visit Social Media Examiner Show

The GaryVee Audio Experience

GaryVee is rapidly becoming a household name and was recently on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine. His style is aggressive and high energy and not for the faint hearted but if you need a push and some extra motivation along with insights into social media marketing then this is your guy.

Gary offers practical advice and has a great way of getting his point across, whether you want to hear it or not! That’s a good thing I in my book. Gary made his first fortune as a pioneer in the online wine business and hasn’t looked back. He now runs a large marketing firm Vayner Media helping brands increase their attention.

Visit the Gary Vee Audio Experience also for the real deal visit GaryVee’s YouTube Channel for even more insights, videos and behind the scenes meetings at his social media first marketing firm Vayner Media.

SmartPassiveIncome by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn was the first podcaster I regularly subscribed to after following his blog for a year. Pat Flynn went from being made redundant in the architecture world to throwing himself full time into blogging to turn it into a smart passive income and generate a wealth that simply wouldn’t have been possible had he not been let go.

Pat interviews other entrepreneurs to share insights and lessons from their experiences as well as his own. He also runs several online businesses and is experimenting with new ideas and testing them out so you don’t have to. He considers himself the crash test dummy of internet marketing.

Visit SmartPassiveIncome Podcast.

Entrepreneur On Fire | John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas presents Entrepreneur on Fire, a long running podcast where he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs every day of the week to share lessons from their highs and lows and what motivates them today.

Actionable advice from professionals who have already been through the motions and have plenty of wisdom to rain down on you. Awarded with a “Best of iTunes” award EOFire contains over 1400 interviews so I highly recommend having a look through the different guests that have featured on the show over the years and you are sure to find some interesting interviews.

Visit EOF Podcast with John Lee Dumas.

Marketing School

Marketing school featuring renowned marketers Neil Patel and Eric Siu features 10 minute episodes of actionable and practicale marketing advice every day. Tips focussing on internet marketing, social media, content strategy, SEO, blogging, backlinks and more.

This show focusses very much on a confined subject and includes no filler or fluff. Browse through the long list of episodes and you are bound to find some tips and ideas you have been curious about and would like to learn more about.

Neil is one of the top markers online and someone I also recommend people subscribe to via his blog at

Visit Marketing School Podcast.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

The Disruptive Entrepreneur is the brainchild of Rob Moore who of course describes his brand of entrepreneurship as ‘disruptive’ and it is, he likes to push the limits and test the accepted status quo in the world of business and marketing.

Rob is a self-proclaimed workaholic and family man who consistently offers great insights in every episode as he cuts through the noise and zeros in on the important stuff. This podcast is high up on the list of podcasts to check regularly.

Visit Rob Moore’s Podcast Here.

Mixergy – Startup Stories

Andrew Warner is not scared to ask the uncomfortable questions and delve deep into the successes and failures of some of the most proliic entrepreneurs around.

Covering topics around startups, affiliate marketing, how to launch a product, raising money from investors, preselling and a heap of other interesting areas of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Andrew also has a MixergyPremium service full of all of his educational back catalogue if you can’t get enough of his addictive teachings.

Visit the Mixergy Podcast.

Noah Kagan Presents

Noah Kagan is the founder of and where they make social media and marketing tools and apps for entrepreneurs. His podcast ‘Noah Kagan Presents’ brings you closer to his story as he shares his experiences and those of guests while exploring the journey to growing a 6-figure business, building a massive email list and even depression.

Noah covers productivity and finance tips to help you operate at an optimal level while constantly challenging yourself to gamify the process. If you see him, buy him a taco, the man loves tacos as you will soon discover.

Visit Noah Kagan Presents.

The Digital Marketing Podcast

This ad free, bi-weekly digital marketing podcasts with listeners in more than 120 countries worldwide is hosted by marketing professionals Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles.

The podcast features interviews with industry experts as well as discussions on strategy, the latest tools they are using and marketing news. Daniel & Ciaran is a good podcast for learning more about search engine optimization, email marketing, analytics, content marketing, productivity tools and trends.

Listen to The Digital Marketing Podcast on Spotify.

Shopify Masters

Expert insights & knowlege for those interested or involved in running an eCommerce business from the clever folks over at Shopify.

Don’t be confused by the fact it is produced by Shopify though, there are great case studies and actionable tips on this podcast regardless of which eCommerce platform you are using. If you are using WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento instead of Shopify, don’t sleep on their podcast and tools.

Visit the Shopify Masters Podcast.

Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer

If you have been involved in online business for a minute then you are no doubt already family with, but are you regularly listening to their podcast as a part of your healthy marketing diet?

Perpetual Traffic is released weekly on Tuesdays and hosted by Keith Krance, Ralph Burns & Molly Pittman. The trio discusses the most state of the art strategies they are employing with their clients to generate more traffic and more leads. Another great podcast for keeping up to date with SEO trends but also covers all aspects of digital and inbound marketing.

Visit Perpetual Traffic Podcast.

Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM is a podcast from the people behind Rainmaker FM & Studiopress who make the popular Genesis framework for WordPress that we use here on Mazepress.

This podcast is hosted by Sonia Simone and each week she and different experts analyse content marketing, copywriting tips, email marketing, conversion optimisation and other SEO and digital marketing disciplines they are putting into practice on a daily basis.

Rainmaker also has several other equally high quality and closely related podcasts such as The Digital Entrepreneur and The Writer Files that are also worth checking out.

Visit Copyblogger FM / Rainmaker FM.

The Side Hustle

The Side Huste Show is another great podcast for entrepreneurs looking for business ideas, actionable tips and strategories from others who are husting away to make their dreams a reality.

Everything from how to start a business, niche websites, passive income ideas, software and app development, productivity, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA and much more.

Guests have included Gary Veynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, and several others who have podcasts in this round up list so you know the content is of a high quality.

Visit The Side Hustle Show.

The Amazing Seller Podcast

The host of The Amazing Seller Podcast Scott Voelker shares his wisdom on the world of eCommerce and selling with a common theme of covering Amazon FBA. Whether you are involved in Amazon sales or not Scott’s podcast is packed with insight and ideas on how to increase revenue in the digital marketplace and his ideas and knowledge is transferable to any marketplace online whether it be Etsy, eBay or one of the many others there are some great episodes.

The podcast features episodes on product selection, white labelling products, sourcing, running promotions, better eCommerce marketing, building your own brand, PPC and everything that has worked for Scott as well as everything that hasn’t.

Visit The Amazing Seller Podcast.

The Futur

The Futur Podcast is hosted by Chris Do an Emmy award winner who also hosts the YouTube channel “The Process” where he talks about creative entrepreneurship, branding, design, business and user experience design.

Chris covers lots of actionable topics too such as “how much to charge for a logo design”, “how to improve your vlog” and “how to win more clients with empathy”.

Visit The Futur Podcast.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Online MArketing Made Easy is a top ranked podcast with a fantastic presenter in Amy Porterfield a professional online marketing strategist who covers all of the hot topics that are trending in digital marketing land.

Amy has a large following, is well respected and features some of the market leaders on her podcast regularly to share their knowledge and ideas.

Visit Online Marketing Made Easy.

The Science of Social Media

A podcast for those interested in socia media and marketing on the various social networks from the folks at Hosted by Brian, Hailley and Kevan weekly as they interview top marketing experts covering all sorts of different sectors.

There are lots of episodes with very practical advice you can put into play straight after listening and I particulary like the 3 host approach on this podcast which gives it a certain polish.

Visit The Science of Social Media.

That was quite the list! What did you think? Do you have any favourite podcasts covering digital marketing, growth hacking, entrepreneurship, SEO or social media that you think I should include? You know the routine, let me know in the comments below.

The Side Hustle Project by Ryan Robinson

The Side Hustle Project Podcast - Ryan Robinson

One of my favorite podcasts is run by Ryan Robinson, who interviews entrepreneurs from different walks of life and working on different fields to find out what makes them tick and attempts to extract as many useful tips and tricks from.

Ryan has had some great guests on his show over the past couple of years including master blogger Jon Morrow, Neil Patel, Paul Jarvis, James Clear, and Grant Cardone to name a few, each episode packed with fascinating insights from experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have used digital marketing to their advantage.

You check out the podcast at

Authority Hacker by Gael and Mark

Authority Hacker Podcast with Gael & MarkA podcast focussing specifically on how to build an authority website that will rank on Google and generate passive income.

Gael and Mark used to run a marketing and SEO agency together and found they preferred building their own niche and authority websites rather than grinding for clients and so they pivoted and got to work building several websites in different niches with the goal of monetizing them and generating passive income.

They succeeded and share their wisdom weekly on the Authority Hacker podcast, sometimes with the help of guests with different backgrounds.

Visit the Authority Hacker Podcast.

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