How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

So you want to learn how to start a blog? Awesome! Blogging is a great pastime and a way to release your creativity. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and even a way to make money and build a strong and sustainable income over time. Today we are going to cover the basics of […]

Squarespace Vs Wordpress

Squarespace vs WordPress – The Best Website

In this Squarespace VS WordPress comparison article we will be evaluating two of the most popular website builder platforms available in 2019. I am going to dive deep and share my thoughts on Squarespace and its merit as an alternative to WordPress. So if you are trying to decide on a blogging platform or which […]

Best Blog Post Ideas

Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas Updated for 2019

Whether you are building a niche site, blog or an authority website you will need a healthy source of blog post ideas to establish yourself and generate traffic to your website. The purpose of this ultimate guide on blog post ideas is to arm you, the reader with all of the tools necessary to start […]

WordPress Help & Support

WordPress is my number one choice of blogging platform and I get a lot of requests for 1-on-1 support but unfortunately, I don’t have the time and resources to help everyone directly. So the next best thing I can do is put together a detailed guide on the best WordPress Help & Support resources. Whether […]

Royalty Free Images - Best Websites

The Best Websites for Royalty Free Images

Images speak a thousand words as they say and so when it comes to building a website or writing a blog post images are important. If you just add images randomly from Google Images to your blog then that could lead to a DMCA complaint if the image turns out to be copyrighted, that’s where […]

How to Optimize Images for Speed & Search Engines

One of the most common mistakes I find when exploring clients existing websites is how poorly optimized the images tend to be. Years ago we would find a website with lots of very small images and while that has its own concerns, in many ways it wasn’t as bad as the modern dilemma. The issue […]