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Best Social Media Management Tools

Social media management and automation have become an essential part of any digital marketers skillset. However, doing this work manually is laborious and finding the best tools to streamline the process so you can be more productive is vital. If […]

cinemagraph ads

Creative Cinemagraph Examples

are becoming ever more popular and marketers are becoming savvy about how well they convert when compared with a static image in their online advertising campaigns. Some tests show the conversion rate can increase by 3.8X and the cost per […]

How to Get Followers on Instagram

How to Get Followers on Instagram

If you want to learn how to get followers on Instagram then you are in the right place, this is a short guide covering the best tips for doing just that. While the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing just like […]

Instagram Captions Advice & Tips

Writing engaging Instagram captions is one of the best ways to increase the visibility and success of your posts on the platform, but there’s an art to getting it right. While “the Gram” as it’s affectionately known is a visual […]

Ultimate Guide To Creating A Branded Instagram Account

A quick look at the numbers will be enough to convince any business that Instagram should be a key component of their social media marketing strategy. With over 500 million active daily users and 32% of all internet users on […]