Speed Up WordPress Website or Blog

Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress for a Faster Loading Website

Waiting for a blog or website to load is like waiting for paint to dry. Most of the time, we click exit and find a faster website to answer our query. This is why it’s essential to speed up WordPress so you can ensure people aren’t bouncing and you provide the best possible user experience. […]

Featured Images With Canva

How To Create Featured Images For Your Blog Using Canva

Every blog needs a slick featured image to make it pop. While the content of your blog is important, it’s just as vital that you create a beautiful featured image to make it stand out when shared across email, social, and beyond. But it’s easier said than done. Read on to discover how to create […]

Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Once you have purchased a domain name, set up your hosting and installed WordPress the next step you probably want to take a look at when starting your blog or website is choosing a WordPress theme. If you are a developer then you likely want to find the best theme framework with the most flexibility […]

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Recommended WordPress Plugins

There are a handful of plugins I use on a regular basis and I consider my “Essential WordPress Plugins” though there are some that are specific to certain types of WordPress builds that are recommended in certain cases. The purpose of this guide is to cover the best WordPress plugins for blogs, eCommerce stores, and […]

WordPress Help & Support

WordPress is my number one choice of blogging platform and I get a lot of requests for 1-on-1 support but unfortunately, I don’t have the time and resources to help everyone directly. So the next best thing I can do is put together a detailed guide on the best WordPress Help & Support resources. Whether […]

Adding an SSL Certificate to WordPress

SSL certificates aren’t new however there has never been more reasons to improve your website security by installing an SSL certificate on your WordPress website or blog. Three years ago, Google’s search engine began to favor websites using encrypted HTTPS connections in the SERPs. Over the past year or so Google has been putting more […]

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2019

[social_warfare] Do you want the easiest way to build and customize your WordPress site and pages? Then drag and drop WordPress Page Builder plugins are going to be the ideal tools to help you gain more control over the look of your blog or website. Using WordPress Page Builders allows you to use drag and […]

WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Plans from WP Buffs

If handling every aspect of your website or blog is just too much or beyond your skillset, you will likely benefit from researching WordPress maintenance plans that can offer you the additional support you need. Over the years finding such a service usually involved finding a freelancer or web design company either in your local […]

Wordpress SEO Tips

WordPress SEO Tips

This is a guide I have put together covering the best WordPress SEO tips to help website owners and bloggers who don’t know how to optimize their sites or are making innocent yet problematic mistakes. I can’t tell you how many websites, even established ones (not mentioning any names) that make some of the most […]

Bluehost Wordpress Install

How to Setup a WordPress Website using Bluehost

This guide is for helping people new to setting up websites by showing them how to setup WordPress on Bluehost which is low cost yet reliable. Visit: Bluehost hosting and follow our guide on how to setup your WordPress website in under 15 minutes. Why Use Bluehost? 24 Hour Live Chat Support (Essential) Proven track-record […]