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Creative Cinemagraph Examples

Cinemagraphs are becoming ever more popular and marketers are becoming savvy to how well they convert when compared with a static image in their online advertising campaigns. Some tests show the conversion rate can increase by 3.8X and the cost per click can be reduced at the same time, win win! Still not convinced? Some of the biggest luxury brands are already creating some fantastic examples and likely results too.

See the video below to see a Cinemagraph conversion rate test.

You can see the full case study at Flixel.

The basic concept of a Cinemagraph is to compile a series of photos or take a video clip and then composite one of the stills over the top of the video and erase an area where you want to show motion. This creates a seamlessly looping gif or video that creates a contrast between the stillness of the image and the animation or moving parts of the image and results in straight up awesomeness.

Christian Louboutin
Stuart Weitzman
Mr Porter

Barn Own in Snow
Tornado Warning
New Tork Train on Loop
Animated Inception Concept Poster
Hwaseong Fortress in South Korea
Taxi Please!
Rainy Days
Taking It All In
Trench Coat
Busy in Manhatten

Why should I use Cinemagraphs?

GIFs have been making a comeback on the web for a while now, not only because people have realized they don’t need to be low quality or cheesy memes but can also be used as works of art. Cinemagraphs catch people’s attention because they have slight motion, which sometimes catches you off guard when scrolling through a web page or a news feed. This means it has more linger factor, people will scroll past several images but one with subtle motion will catch their subconscious eye and make them watch for longer to see if it’s a video or a photo.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to make your own? We recommend using FlickGraph which you can find out more about at Create Your Own Cinemagraphs.

Did you like the Cinemagraphs in this list? Do you have any you think should be included? Let us know.

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