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Weekly News for SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing & Growth Hackers. Best NewsletterWelcome to another instalment of the Mazepress Digest a way for me (David) to quickly run through the latest news, marketing tips, growth hacks and more to keep my valued readers up to speed.

Each week I scour the web and my favourite newsletters selecting the cream of the crop for digital marketers.

This is an extended and edited version of this weeks newsletter.


Post of The Week

Productivity Advice for the Weird

An interesting article featuring advice on how to be productive from Ramit Sethi covering what he considers the three tiers of productivity. Remit is very well known in the internet marketing world and for good reason, just check his about page after reading his article below by going to Remit Sethi.


Weekly News

MSearchCap : The Weeks SEO News from SearchEngineLand

This week SEO news recap from SearchEngineLand includes Bing search ads growth, Expanded Text Ads and YouTube Redirects to fight terrorism. Read More. SearchEngineLand are one of the top SEO sites to check weekly for news and practical advice.


SEO Is Always Changing”… Or Is It?: Debunking the Myth and Getting Back to Basics

Some very good points about common problems and concerns with the so called “ever changing” climate of SEO. The fundamentals remain and focus on quality content and experience does too. Continue Reading


Google to Reportedly Redesign its Home Page in the Near Future

It will be interesting to see what the next iteration of Google’s homepage will be. A bit of a nerdy post but you can read more about this on Search Engine Journal.


Learning & Tutorials

21 Incredible Copywriting Formulas (I Use)

A new website I recently came across with some of the best copywriting advice I have seen. These copywriting formulas will greatly improve the flow and arc of your writing and storytelling. Visit CopyRanger. This is solid gold and worth bookmarking permanently.


Messenger Chatbots : How to Get Started Using Them

Messenger chatbots are quickly becoming one of the best ways to engage with your social media followers and lead them in the direction you want. Find out more from Social Media Examiner. Facebook is where it’s at and people are getting much higher engagement and conversions via Facebook Messenger than via Email marketing.


5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Drive Conversions

Some great examples of ways combining more automation to your marketing efforts can drive more conversions and sales for your business online in 2017. There are so many ways to put the robots to work for you so you can spend more time working on the critical tasks in your business Read More.


Google Strikes Again: Big Changes to Direct Answers, Online Dictionaries

There has been a lot of ranking changes of late and Google is changing how it ranks dictionary websites giving rise to Wikipedia’s competitors. See Search Metrics.


Final Note from David

If you read one thing I have shared this week read the copywriting formulas article as this is something you should bookmark and save for every time you are writing a new sales page or any piece of content.

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