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We are back again with my favourite finds of the week in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

This week we have a smart new tool for sharing files, news about Salesforce latest product roll out, some essential SEO reading and some evidence that suggests you should be putting your attention into forming as much educational content as possible to better influence buyer decisions.


The best of this week’s digital marketing & eCommerce news.

Mozilla Send is the Snapchat of File Sharing

Mozilla who are best known for their open source web browser ‘Firefox’ and their email client ‘Thunderbird’ have now launched a new experimental service called ‘Mozilla Send’ which aims to be the Snapchat of the file sharing world and allows you to share files up to 1GB that then expire once they have either been downloaded once or 24 hours has passed. A novel idea I think! I will definitely be using it next time I need to send a throw-away file that I don’t need to waste storage keeping online for longer than a day or for one person to take a copy. Here’s a video to show you how it works. You can try this new service at Mozilla Send.

Salesforce Rolls Out Einstein AI For Social Marketers

Salesforce is making its Einstein Artificial Intelligence tools available to marketers allowing them to use the image-matching functionality to keep track of branding and mentions in images on social media and other websites. The tool basically takes your logo/brand in all of the various formats and then monitors the web for when that image appears within an image, take a look at the example below. This is a very interesting way to keep tabs on your online mentions when they aren’t in written word. I can imagine this kind of tool is available for videos soon as video analytics continues to improve. See more on Silicone.

Salesforce Einstein API

The new offering, called Einstein Vision for Social Studio, is the company’s latest expansion of their proprietary Einstein tool, which has recently been rolled out for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Financial Services Cloud & the company’s field service product.

Meet Alex the Russian Casino Hacker who Makes Millions Targetting Slot Machines

An interesting article about a Russian programmer and mathematician who considers himself a Robin Hood of the digital age and reverse programs slot machine algorithms to turn the tables on the house. While I can’t condone this sort of activity, I certainly don’t condone the fact the corporations behind these slot machines are essentially playing the same game, using maths to gain an unfair advantage. Read more on Wired.

Guess What? That Secure Password isn’t So Secure After All!

The guy who wrote the book on secure passwords has had a change of heart! He is now changing his recommendation on the best password protocol. He has basically said all those characters, numbers are basically useless, but he’s also very sorry! Fortunately, there is hope! Read more at Gizmodo.


The best actionable content I have discovered this week and think will be useful for most people working online or in some digital capacity.

Effective Ways to Defend Your Website Against Negative SEO

Are your competitors undermining your efforts and employing negative SEO against your website? This does happen and there are some fairly simple ways to monitor this and look out for tell-tale signs. If you do discover that you have some dodgy backlinks that look malicious there are some tactics you can use to cancel out any negative impact. Want to find out how? continue reading.

Snapchat’s Ad Manager: A Beginner’s Guide

Snapchat marketing is still a complete mystery to most small independant digital marketers and for a time the entry level was just too expensive and exclusive. Things have changed quite a bit over the past few years and getting involved is easier than ever. If your target market are millenials then this is an ideal fit for your business. This beginners guide is a great way to work out if this is something you can put to good use. See the guide here.

Educational Content Makes Consumers 131% More Likely to Buy

The secret to winning customers is great content and copywriting designed to convert. The best way to do that is to create educational and informative content that offers a lot of value to the visitor. New research shows that early-stage educational content is by far the best for impacting purchase decisions and building brand trust. Continue reading.

Reasons Why Search Results are Different from Rank Trackers

Ever noticed your ranking positions don’t seem to correlate with the real search results? Here is an informative article that breaks down several reasons why and what to do about it. Read more.

So what are you going to take away from this week’s digest? Hopefully, you will be able to put some of the above into action and increase your stack of tools and skills! If you learn one or two new micro skills each and every week and put them into practice you can become a master marketer in no time and start to see measurable results! As always tell me what you would like to read more of and I will do my utmost to deliver!

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