Mazepress Weekly Digest – The Robots are Coming!

Weekly News for SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing & Growth Hackers. Best NewsletterChange can be good but the uncertainty can be unnerving, so you can see why people are a little antsy about the sudden emergence of artificial intelligence that is penetrating the workplace.

More on this in one of the articles in this week’s digest. It’s not all doom and gloom though and this week as always we have some actionable tips and tricks as we dig into some keyword research ideas, tools to help with productivity, augmented reality in the workplace and how web scrapers can be used by digital marketers.

A.I May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants *Oh S%&T!

An article published in the Harvard Business Review talks about Amazon Alexa’s new job. In addition to the 15,000 skills she can already do around the home etc she can now answer economic questions for clients of Swiss global financial services company UBS Group AG and this is just the very beginning! Read more on Harvard Business Review.

The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research

Speaking of keyword research…. here is a new article from Moz focussing on how to get the best bang for your buck in 30 minutes or less. Great for if you are short on time because let’s face it keyword research IS essential! Visit Moz.

Google has dropped Google Instant Search

Several years after Google launched Google Instant, they are killing the default search feature to bring search more in line with mobile devices. Read more on SearchEngineLand.

The Best Websites for Royalty Free Images

Images speak a thousand words as they say and so when it comes to building a website or writing a blog post images are important. See our in depth guide of the best sources based on ten years experience at The Best Websites for Royalty Free Images.

Noisli – Improve Focus, Boost Productivity

Noisli is a new website I discovered via ProductHunt that lets you mix different sounds and create your perfect environment. Great if you find certain background noises soothing. Try Noisli. On a side note, Product Hunt is a great website for finding useful new apps tools and services you can add to your creative or marketing stack.

Futuristic Augmented Reality Offices Could Replace Screens

One company in San Francisco has already done away with screens and replaced them with A.R Headsets. I am excited for a world where I can design marketing and eCommerce solutions in the virtual and augmented realm though practical use is some way off. Think of the internet in 1995, we are still miles away from that kind of user adoption.Read more.

That said things can change rapidly and with Microsoft HoloLens potentially offering a more accessible way for professionals and creative people to get involved we might all be jumping on the bandwagon soon. Oculus Rift of course also offers some interesting creative experiences that are exciting for digital professionals too. Here is a video Microsoft has created to explain the notion of “Mixed Reality” and how it has been evolving since 1967 up to present day in an animated explainer video.

The animated guide to “Mixed Reality”

B2B SEO:Content That Ranks

This is one of the best (recent) SEO playbooks I’ve seen. Bernard has done work for companies like Optimizely, 42Floors, TeeSpring and many more. This find was courtesy of Growth Hackers, see B2B SEO Content That Ranks.

Your Rankings Have Dropped – 10 Things to Do Now

Whether your organic search rankings are free falling or you observe a slight position loss on a secondary or longtail keyword, no one likes to see a their precious search engine rankings drop. Find out the ten things to do next to help to recover your losses quickly. Read on SEJ

3 Ways Non-Technical Marketers Can Leverage Web Scraping

A great article explaining how even marketers with limited technical knowledge can use web scraping to their advantage. Read this interesting article on

Hopefully lots of interesting news and actionable tips/tutorials for you this week. I am currently listening to Noisli as I get my week prepared and using some of the scraping techniques and ideas mentioned in my last post in this weeks email. Enjoy.

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