Mazepress Weekly Digest – Bitcoin, Shopify & Cognitive Biases

Weekly News for SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing & Growth Hackers. Best NewsletterThis week the hottest news online has been Bitcoin and the massive growth it has made over the weekend as a result of a positive innovation taking place last week that I won’t go into detail about.

There are also new developments from Shopify Inc and some great actionable advice as always to help you in your quest for online marketing dominance.

So let’s get into it!


The best of this week’s digital marketing & eCommerce news.

Bitcoin Price Surges Past $3,200 to Hit All-Time High

As many had expected Bitcoin has powered and not only hit the 3k mark again but totally smashed it hitting new time highs of $3,350 at times over the weekend after the positive outcome from last weeks hard fork. Now is the best time ever to start paying attention to the world of BitCoin and other cryptocurrency and alt coin projects that use blockchain technology. Read more about this on Coinbase.

I have been interested in blockchain technology for nearly 7 so it pains me that I have only very recently written a website and guide on how to buy Bitcoin online but I finally found time and put it together since I have a sneaky suspicion that Bitcoin & cryptocurrency is going to play a big part in the future of the internet and the way we send and recieve money.

Shopify Announces it’s Own Chip & Swipe Reader

Finally, Shopify has released their first piece of hardware. As you might expect this is their first attempt at a wireless payment device and point of sale til that can take credit and debit cards. Expect Shopify to continue to dominate the eCommerce space over the next year or two. See the chip and pin reader here.

Google Search Console to Explain Why Pages Aren’t Getting Indexed

Google have announced they are going to roll out an update to their Search Console product previously known as Google Webmaster Tools that will contain a feature called “Index Coverage” that will give you information on why certain pages aren’t being indexed and offers tips on how to change that, something that I think will be very useful for beginners but possibly for the more advanced webmasters also. Read about this on SEJ.


The best actionable content I have discovered this week and think will be useful for most people working online or in some digital capacity.

Flashcards to Learn 168 Cognitive Biases

Cognitive Biases InfographicIf you feel cognitive biases are holding you back in business and marketing then this is for you! Let’s face it that includes all of us as we all experience some form of cognitive bias in our careers and the only way to use this as a tool instead of a hindrance is to understand them. You can read more about this flashcard here.

32 Resources for Better Online Writing

Our friends over at have a great article covering 32 resources to help you improve your writing online. Tools to help cure writers blog, improve your research skills, productivity and other writing hacks.

The Way We Buy Online is Changing – Use Facebook Messenger to Sell

Our internet shopping habits are always changing and with Facebook holding onto the majority of the attention online it was obvious eventually this would take a bite of the online eCommerce market more directly. In this article by Digital Marketer, they cover a few ways you can begin to use this in your business today.

6 Wonderful Tips on How to Catch Up on Emails After a Vacation

In the digital age, it is often hard to switch off and nothing is more daunting than coming back from a few days off the grid to find your email inbox full to the brim. That’s why you should consider employing all of these tips next time you are in this situation and to ensure you manage a cleaner inbox all year round. Read more on Grammarly’s Blog.

So that’s it for another week. As always we would love to hear your thoughts and questions on any of the above articles or topics in the comments below. Did you find any of these tools or ideas useful? Share your experiences with us.

As always, I appreciate your time.

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