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Book Cover MakerMyeCoverMaker is the best Book Cover Design Software and a tool we have used for our eBooks in the past and recommend to our readers who are looking to create a digital info product and need to add that professional touch.

Creating an engaging book cover is an important part of marketing your work if you are self-publishing.

There are lots of ways to create covers for your new book or eBook but in my opinion, the best and easiest all in one tool book cover maker is MyeCoverMaker.

MyeCoverMaker wins this race because it allows you to design your book cover in 2D using lots of templates, fonts and graphical elements in a very easy to use user interface and then when you are done you can convert and render your book design into a 3D physical looking eCover.

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Why Use an eCover Maker?

A few years ago creating a professional looking book or eBook cover involved having Photoshop and being a fairly skilled designer both to design the original cover and to create 3D mock up designs.

Creating a book design involved starting from scratch and those who attempted this without a keen eye for design often ended up with diabolical book covers. Using a tool with templates, pre-selected fonts, graphics etc helps streamline the process and allows you to start with something already high quality. It's much harder to mess it up.

Even if you outsourced your book design and that is still an option if and when your budget permits, you would still need to hire a designer with Photoshop and various Action scripts to create your 3D products for you so you could have a book, Kindle, iPhone and other designs.

Outsourcing can get expensive when you are publishing multiple products and want to have more control, this free online book cover maker solves that. While there is a free version lots of features are reserved for premium subscribing customers but you can try the free version to see what you think first.

Now, both of these things can be done with a single piece of easy use design software by yourself without any assistance from expensive designers. This is a great win for those self-publishers and digital product creators that want to have more control over this process and save money to invest in other marketing efforts.


What is an eCover?

An eCover is a digitally created physical book cover. This means it may or may not be a product that will actually exist as a physical product but for sales purposes, you want to create 3D versions of your product rather than just the flat 2D cover. See the before and after examples below showing the book covers in 2D and then converted to 3D physical products.


How to Create an eBook eCover 3D / Physical


You might just want to create one simple 3D standing hardback or softback book design using an eCover template or you may want to create a whole range to create stacks of books and other items that might compliment your product or online course.

eCovers aren't limited to books! While there are lots of different book designs including standing, lying down, stacks of multiple books and so on there are also templates for magazines, Smartphones like an iPhone with your cover on the screen, Box designs for a software product, box sets and digital courses and many others. Using this will give you access to the best eBook Cover Template software online.


ebook cover creator templates : book cover maker


More examples of awesome eCover designs you could put your book or product design onto.

eBook 3D Design Templates eCovers



Book Cover Maker & Design Software


Book Cover Maker Templates

Below you can see just some of the pre-designed book and eBook cover templates you can use as a starting point with this book cover maker. Simply change the background, titles and color scheme and you will have your new book nearly ready for launch. Included are templates to cover lots of different industries and product types to help you get started.


eBook Design Templates & Examples Best eBook Creator


The Best Book Cover Design Software - MyeCoverMaker

  • This book cover maker works on Mac and Windows / PC
  • Makes designing a professional Book, eBook or other digital product EASY!
  • Lots of high-quality templates to use for books, phones, Kindles and other screens.
  • Easy to use GUI / Software.
  • Free for basic use with paid monthly plans for additional features.
  • Even professional designers will find this tool faster and easier than using the old methods of Photoshop, Action Scripts and add-ons like CoverActionPro.
  • Using an eCover Creator is a great tool for marketers, web designers and anyone involved in digital marketing to make more money from their clients by designing the custom books and 3D covers for people who really don't want to do it themselves.
  • I tried and tested about 10 ebook cover generator tools and ebook cover creator apps and found this tool to be easily best.


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