VideoRemix - Smart Video Review
Personalized Video Software

SmartVideo by VideoRemix is the ultimate personalized video software!

Want your customers to feel like you are speaking directly to them! This tool lets you use the visitor's location and Facebook information within the video making them feel like the video was produced just for them. 

VideoRemix SmartVideo - Personalized Video Software

VideoRemix allows you to mix and mash multiple videos you can upload or use templates provided by the tool itself but it does a lot more than that.

VideoRemix/SmartVideo allows you to create a truly personalized video using their state of the art software. I haven't seen any other products doing this so far and that makes it really stand out from the crowd.

If you watch the video below you will see that this video software allows you to create a video that relates directly to a specific person. You can do this by manually adding their name and photo etc, however, you can also setup a video that auto detects the users name, location, and photo automatically if they are logged into their Facebook account.

This is very powerful and really grabs your attention. Some of the biggest brands in the world are already using this new video technology to increase conversion rates from their video content so we had to give it a review.

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Who is Personalized Video Software for?

VideoRemix SmartVideo Personalized Video Software

All types of business that want to use video in their marketing can benefit from the video personalization features of SmaertVideo by VideoRemix.

Ideal for both small and large business owners, web designers, entrepreneurs, influencers, social media marketers and even anyone that wants to use video to help them land new clients.

Take a look at some of the companies below that are already leveraging the power of personalized video content to increase conversions and engagement from their target audience.

How Does Video Remix Work?

SmartVideo VideoRemix Review

VideoRemix Smart Video Review

VideoRemix is the first of it's kind and really pushes the boundaries of what is possible with video technology and social media.

The personalized video software editor is cloud based and so works on any platform from any device anywhere in the world, a major plus point.

You can share your VideoRemix SmartVideo via all of your marketing channels such as WordPress, Facebook, LeadPages, MailChimp, Aweber and a host of other direct marketing services.

VideoRemix SmartVideo is also very user-friendly, The mains steps are to first import your media, video and images, Then add personalization layers to auto display the visitors Facebook Name, photo and location then publish to your choice of sales channels you want to distribute your video through.

Of course you will have to do some editing using the software but we can assure you that is pretty easy too.


How does VideoRemix / SmartVideo Work?


Why should you use Video Personalization Software?

According to Forrester, Personalized video can increase click through rates (CTR) by as much as 985%.

Personalized video software can also drive increased engagement because you can add clickable call to action elements like optins and lead magnets within your video thus making it even easier for visitors to click and visit your sales page or offer.

The return on investment of making personalized videos can be as much as 10X according to brands like AT&T.


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VideoRemix SmartVideo - Personalized Video Software