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Create a WordPress Blog on BluehostThis guide is for helping people new to setting up websites by showing them how to setup WordPress on Bluehost which is low cost yet reliable.

Visit: Bluehost hosting and follow our guide on how to setup your WordPress website in under 15 minutes.

Why Use Bluehost?

  • 24 Hour Live Chat Support (Essential)
  • Proven track-record
  • Affordable Costs
  • Great uptime
  • User Friendly

Useful Resources / Links

Have you chosen a domain name?

We have a full guide on how to choose a domain name and you can use the domain tool below to check the availability of a domain you want to buy.

Why not read our detailed guide on how to choose a name for your blog or website, this is an important part of searching for a domain name and includes lots of the common mistakes people make that you should try and avoid at all costs.

Step 1 – Sign Up for Bluehost

Ready to begin? Then let’s go through our step by step guide for setting up a new WordPress website on Bluehost. The first step is to click the button below and click on the green get started now button in the middle of the web page.

Bluehost hosting

Create a WordPress Website hosted on Bluehost

Step 2 – Choose a plan

There are three plans available for you to choose from. If you only need one website and you are confident you won’t need to add any other web domains as add-on domains then you can get away with using the basic package however for the low-cost difference we would generally recommend most people sign up for the plus package so they can benefit from being able to manage multiple domains, and unlimited website storage space (within their fair usage policy of course).

Bluehost - Select the best package

Step 3 – Choose a Domain Name

If you already have an existing domain name from another provider like GoDaddy then you can bring it over for use on Bluehost or register your free domain name that comes with the hosting package. You can always redeem your free domain name later if you want to use it as a second website or as an alternative domain extension to redirect to your main website address. An example would be if you owned the for a name but wanted to also own the .com you may as well if it is free and available.

Bluehost - Choose your free domain or transfer existing domain name

Step 4 – Complete the Sign-Up Process

The next page is for filling out the necessary personal details, make selections regarding your package and any add-ons you may be interested in and then fill out your payment details. Bluehost takes both Credit or Debit card and Paypal.

Bluehost Account Sign Up Details

Step 5 – Login to Bluehost

You will then be sent an email from Bluehost with your order confirmation and login details so you can access the main cpanel (control panel) of your hosting account. CPanel is a popular website management tool and interface which is very easy to use. On the main page you should be able to find

Once you click the link and login to Bluehost you will be presented with the following screen which is the CPanel where you can see the ‘Install WordPress’ option under ‘Website Builders’. Click this button to continue.

Login to CPanel Screen

Step 6 – Installing WordPress

To proceed with a fresh install of WordPress click on the install button. The import button is for people who already have a self-hosted WordPress website on another domain or host on the free and are looking to migrate their WordPress contents and some settings to the new install.

We are going with a fresh install here which is often better even if you do already have some content to migrate. Bluehost uses a tool called Mojo to allow you to automatically install the software on your website without having to adopt the old manual approach.

How to Install WP on blue host

Step 7 – Select a domain to install WordPress on

On this screen, you can select the domain you wish to install WordPress on. If this is a new account which it should be then you will only see one domain but may see it displayed both with the www subdomain/prefix and without so it literally shows we advise going without the www because it is shorter to link to and share and often the www has little purpose and can be canonicalized and set to redirect to all non-www web addresses.

Leave the directory field empty unless you are planning to install WordPress inside which we advise against in 99% of scenarios. The only reason to do this is if your website already runs on another website platform but ideally, you want to run WordPress on the main root domain.

Occasionally the scan might find files in the directory and say it will overwrite these files, if this is a new account then this issue or error is nothing to worry about and you can proceed anyway.

Choose a domain to install

Step 8 – WordPress Install Details

Select the checkbox for ‘show advanced options’ to reveal the fields for filling in your WordPress website title, username and choosing a secure password. The website title should be the name of your website or business and will display as your default website title on the pages after the install has completed. You will need these details to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Password Tip: Use a mixture of letters and numbers include at least one upper-case letter and some characters for the most secure password for your new WordPress site.

Wordpress Install Details

Step 9 – Installation Process

The next page will show that WordPress is being installed and you will be notified once it is complete.

Installation in Progress

When complete you will see an orange strip at the top with a button saying ‘View Credentials’ which you should click so you can see the login links for your site and will be able to temporarily see your username and password.

Installation Complete

Step 10 – Login to WordPress

Once you have your credentials and links to access your new site click the /wp-admin link to visit your login page. You will be presented with the login form below where you use your username and password you set earlier in Step 8.

Login to WordPress Screen

Step 10 – Congratulations

After logging in you should be presented with a screen that resembles the following screenshot. This is your WordPress Dashboard congratulations. You can change the domain address to see your site or you can click the website name in the top left and then click view website. Of course, this completes the install process and the next steps are to consider what you want to do with your new website in terms of content, design, and functionality.

Welcome to your Website Dashboard

What Next?

The next steps can vary a lot from project to project but essentially the next steps are;

1) Choose a WordPress Theme, there are plenty of good free themes if you are just starting out and keeping costs down but I prefer premium themes such as the theme framework from Studiopress ‘Genesis‘ and a child theme or a WordPress Page Builder like BeaverBuilder or Elementor.
2) Install any WordPress plugins you require.
3) Configure other WordPress basics and settings.
4) Create pages for your bedrock content like the about page, contact page, etc, and then create posts to go onto your blog or articles section.
5) Launch your website.

Of course, there are more detailed steps which I will go into in other guides.

Make sure to read our guide on creating a website plan and organizing your content.

Additional Reading Includes:

And if you are a blogger, you might want to check our blogging guides page to see other useful resources that will definitely make creating and growing your blog easier.

We offer WordPress installation/configuration packages for many situations and can assist with WP Theme installs, choosing and configuring the best plugins and guiding you through the process. Want to know more? Click the button below.


Setup WordPress on Bluehost Video Coming Soon

We are also working on a video version of the above for those that prefer to learn watching rather than reading and using screenshots. Any questions you have about the above feel free to reach out to me and I will try and help.

This page may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link on this page.

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