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Royalty Free Images - Best WebsitesImages speak a thousand words as they say and so when it comes to building a website or writing a blog post images are important.

If you just add images randomly from Google Images to your blog then that could lead to a DMCA complaint if the image turns out to be copyrighted, that’s where royalty free images come in.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there offering stock images, graphics, and photography that you can use freely on both your personal and commercial website or blog.

Some photos or graphics may require you credit the author, however, there are many that don’t even require that, without further ado, let’s begin.


Pexels - Stock Photography Website
Pexels has been a firm favorite of mine for some time as it features some fantastic textures as well as photography. They also recently added a video library of stock footage also. Visit Pexels. Years later and I still love Pexels and always check it before any of the other free image websites.


Pixabay - Free Stock Photography
Pixabay is regarded as one of the best options online for free images and stock photography to use in your websites, videos, and other work. Visit Pixabay. You are sure to find something you can use on this platform, it’s one I use regularly.

Yahoo Images / Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Images

Internet behemoth Yahoo also has an image search engine Yahoo Images that also works pretty well when trying to find copyright free images for your website or other creative projects. Try it for yourself.

P.S bears are cool!


Finda.Photo Stock Images
Finda-Photo lets you browse through by color, collection, and source and has a good database of imagery to choose from. I love how cool their color filter tool is for finding images with a certain hue to match the theme you are going for. It’s the little details that count sometimes.


Foter is one of my favorites for business photos and nature photography. Foter features an extremely large library of images and you are sure to find what you are looking for whether you need images for professional and business purposes or something more artistic and lifestyle orientated.


Free High Resolution is the tagline for LifeofPix and they definitely deliver. A great choice for images of nature, animals, and scenery. You can also contribute if you are a photographer or videographer looking to get your work out there.


Free stock photos and images for commercial use by professional and amateur photographers. Visit Splitshire. Splitshire has some really great visual content including royalty free videos.


A pretty well-known stock image website with premium and free photos available. Try 123RF. This one is as old as gods dog but is still well worth checking.


Burst is part of the Shopify family and provided essentially for eCommerce websites and stores using Shopify but the photos are suitable for lots of purposes on other articles and website builders. Shopify continues to grow its influence in the digital marketing and eCommerce space by launching these little spin-off projects.

Now that’s genius growth marketing!


Unsplash Website
UnSplash is a fantastic community driven stock photography website that has a wide range of categories to browse through. UnSplash has quickly become one of my go to’s for stock photography. I also love how clean and minimal design of their website.


Gratisography covers everything from urban city photography through to objects, people, nature and more. I have found these stock photos to be popular on platforms like Medium and there are lots of very artistic options. Sometimes you don’t need to be literal with your blog post images you can think outside of the box and use something else to represent the theme of your article.


FoodiesFeed - Free Stock Photos for Food Bloggers
FoodiesFeed pretty much says it all, this is possibly the best website for foodies and food bloggers looking for mouth-watering and free images. Most of the top food bloggers recommend this copyright free image website.

BucketListly - Free Travel Photography
BucketListly is one for the travel bloggers and those who need beautiful photography from around the world. With this site, you can browse by country using an interactive map.

Another method which is very effective is to use Google Image Search (yes I know I mentioned the potential pitfalls in my intro) and click on “Tools > Usage Rights” and select “Labeled for Reuse” and you can then use images from Google safely without worrying about the potential repercussions.

Keep in mind, if you are using high-quality images from royalty free image websites then you will need to compress and scale down the images to ensure they are suitable for use on the web and don’t drastically slow down your website.

You can then use these copyright free images in various projects including:

  • Blog post images
  • Images for social media posts
  • Images for your presentations
  • Facebook Ads
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • and just about any other creative project that’s visual.

You also want to learn the best practices of optimizing your images for the web. This ensures your website loads quickly and you aren’t penalized for slow loading photos.

So now if you want more photos and graphics to use in your designs you have no more excuses, use these royalty-free image websites with a tool like Canva and you can create fantastic social media graphics, blog thumbnails, book cover designs and much more.

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